Easter4 2021 CANCELLED

Unfortunately, we have to bring the inevitable news; we are cancelling this year’s edition of Easter4. We invite you to join our Lipica Open which has been postponed to 13th to 17th November.

Hope to see you soon in Slovenian forests!

Entries are now open

You can now enter Easter4 2021 at OrienteeringOnline.net. However, due to uncertain situation regarding Covid-19, we are not accepting payments at the moment. Please pay your entry fees only after we ask you to do so.

Easter4 in Primorska region

Due to uncertainties regarding Covid-19, we decided to organize Easter4 2021 in Primorska region, that is in Koper, Podgrad, divača, similar to some of the previous years. Races in new areas will have to wait for more stable times.

Feel free to check the website for exact locations.

Easter4 2020 CANCELED

Unfortunately we have to inform you that due to Covid-19 situation in Slovenia and Europe we have to cancel Easter4 2020.

For those who have paid the fees; You can ask for the full refund or transfer the money to one of our next events. If you want refund, please write to orienteeringonline.cup@gmail.com and write your Name, Address and IBAN with BIC/SWIFT.

Maps which were planned to be used for this year’s Easter4 will be used for OOcup/2021.

Next Easter4 is planned 2. – 5. April in Savinja valley. More information to follow.

Easter4 further postponed to October 23rd – 25th

Sadly we have to inform you that Easter4 will not be held in June. At this moment it is still not possible to organise such event in Slovenia and it does not seem that things will change dramatically by the 5th of June.

Although the initial plan was different, we have finally decided to try once again with postponement. The new date is October 23rd to 25th.

The rules for the refund remain the same, of course. If you can’t participate in October, it will be greatly appreciated if you can transfer your entry fee to any of our coming races in Slovenia in 2021 or later… In case that is not an option for you, you can request refund any time by writing us email with your data (address, IBAN, BIC/Swift).

We still hope to see you this year :)!!

Easter4 postponed to 5. – 7. June 2020

Due to corona virus situation we have decided to postpone Easter4 to 5. – 7. June, with 2 races on Saturday (middle + sprint). Hopefully, we will be able to carry out competitions at new dates. In case the situation does not calm down till June, Easter4 2020 will be fully canceled.

We are well aware that the new term for the race might not suit everyone. Therefore, those who want to be 100% refunded please write us to orienteeringonline.cup@gmail.com. It does not matter when you ask for refund, you can’t be late with it :).

Lastly, you will help us a bit if you, instead of requesting refund, decide to transfer your entry fee to any of our races to be held in future in Slovenia (be it Easter4, Lipica open or Bubo cup…).

Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon!


Regarding Corona virus

Easter4 is coming closer and we are getting inquiries about the situation in Slovenia and the probability of race being canceled.

The situation has changed a lot in Slovenia in last few days, like in many other European countries. At this moment it would still be possible to organize a race such as Easter4, but we, of course, have no idea what will happen in the following days/weeks. Therefore we decided to wait some more to make final decision.

As for the cancellations – any paid entry will be refunded 100% with only transactions costs covered by participants. It does not matter when the entry/payment was made and it does not matter when you will ask for the refund (as long as it is before the race start). The same “100% – transaction cost” will be refunded to all participants in case we are forced to cancel the event.


Classes MW65 and MW70 added

Note that we added classes M65, M70, W65 and W70. It is possible to register for Easter4 at orienteeringonline.net.
In case of a few entries we will join classes.

Meanwille mapping of areas never before used for orienteering are in full swing. Some great terrains are waiting for you.


Dolenjske sample